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CDE Aqua Cycle Thickener

The AquaCycle thickener offers efficient primary stage water treatment specifically for sand, quarry and recycling processes. This system decreases pond area and dramatically reduces wash water required by up to 80%!

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CDE AquaStore Water Tanks

The AquaStore system is a skid frame pumping system for use in the water treatment phase of sand washing, quarrying and recycling operations. We offer 2 standard storage systems with capacities of 37m3 and 55m3 with pumping capacities ranging from 200m3 p

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CDE Floc Station

The basic operation of the Polyplant is to take water from a storage tank, mix in a Poly material, transfer the mixed Poly to a storage tank and then dose it out to the thickening process.

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CDE GHT Filter Press

1.44m2, 2.25m2 and 4m2 models are offered with numerous plate configurations to meet individual project requirements. The GHT Series can handle waste fines from quarry and recycling applications.

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